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Our clients – Dima and Marina – decided to get married abroad and later shared their wedding experience in Georgia with us.

WEDDING IN GEORGIA FROM €300! + 972 54-215-07-24    24/7

Since Dima was not recognized as a Jew, the road to the Rabbinate was closed for the couple.

However, the option of giyur remained, but considering how difficult, nervous and extremely tiresome this procedure could become, the young people nevertheless chose a registration of civil marriage abroad.

WEDDINGS IN GEORGIA FROM €300! + 972 54-215-07-24    24/7

WEDDING IN GEORGIA – fun and simple! + 972 54-215-07-24    24/7

Taking the advice of one of our agency’s specialists, Marina and Dima chose a wedding in Georgia for the Israelis as a proven and not too burdensome option in terms of paperwork.

As we all well know, bureaucracy flourishes in most states known to us, regardless of their level of development. As a rule, there is no escape from her, and it is capable of ruining any most joyful ceremony.

But now we will surprise you. The fact is that in a small Caucasian country, bureaucratic arbitrariness is practically absent.

WEDDINGS IN GEORGIA FROM €300! + 972 54-215-07-24    24/7

WEDDING IN GEORGIA FROM €300! What changed? + 972 54-215-07-24    24/7

marriage in Georgia for Israelis

Georgia is a beautiful country that has become a popular destination for wedding ceremonies. This is a dream destination for couples from all over the world, and no wonder.

Wedding in Georgia offers unique opportunities to create an unforgettable wedding experience. The country’s rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes and the hospitality of the local people make it an ideal choice for hosting a wonderful event. And the main advantage of a wedding in Georgia is a comfortable and effective marriage procedure.

WEDDING IN GEORGIA FROM €300! + 972 54-215-07-24    24/7

You can find a variety of options for a wedding in Georgia: a traditional celebration or a laconic ceremony, which will be complemented by an exciting journey.

It’s no wonder that couples from all over the world dream of having their wedding in Georgia. Everything is collected here to create an unforgettable and romantic event, which will undoubtedly become one of the most important for the couple.

Georgia is a magical country where nature, history and hospitality are in harmony. In addition, this place offers excellent conditions for an unforgettable wedding in Georgia, both from the legal and emotional side.

A wedding in Georgia is not just an event, it is a real journey into the world of beauty and romance. With its rich nature, impressive historical monuments and warm attitude, This state will create unforgettable memories. The most valuable thing about organizing a wedding in Georgia is the warmth and hospitality of the local residents. Wedding in Georgia will be surrounded by care and support that will make your day comfortable and special.

So if you decide to get married abroad, a wedding in Georgia will be a worthy choice. Here you will find excellent conditions for holding a wedding. An important factor is the price of the event, and Georgia is known for its low prices combined with excellent quality. The attractive cost of the trip and small associated expenses will be another advantage influencing your choice wedding in Georgia.

Why choose a wedding in Georgia? The answer is simple — this is a place where there is a minimum of bureaucracy, convenient flights and many options to celebrate the event.

Georgia is attractively located in the heart of the Caucasus, meaning that no matter where you’re flying from, you’ll have easy access to the country with convenient flights. When you choose wedding in Georgia, you will find here offers a wide range of options — from fancy hotels to cozy guest houses. A wedding in Georgia is available for any budget and preference. In addition, Georgia is famous for its rich cultural heritage and magnificent nature. All this creates an unforgettable atmosphere for a wedding in Georgia.

So if you’re looking for a unique wedding event, wedding in Georgia is a great choice. Geographical location, convenient flights, variety of accommodation options and natural beauty will make your wedding truly special.

A wedding in Georgia is an excellent choice for those who dream of an unforgettable and romantic celebration. Why a wedding in Georgia? The answer to this question lies in its uniqueness and attractiveness.

Georgia has become a real wedding hub primarily due to the opportunity for foreign couples to get married. Rich culture, hospitality and unique nature create a festive atmosphere for wedding in Georgia .

One of the main advantages of  wedding in Georgia is the availability of the procedure for foreigners and couples with citizenship of different countries. The Georgian authorities provide clear requirements for documents, which makes organizing a wedding in Georgia easier and without unnecessary bureaucracy. You don’t have to worry about complex rules or a large amount of required paperwork — all requirements for wedding in Georgia are clearly defined and easy to fulfill.

In addition, Georgia offers a variety of unique places for a photo shoot — from ancient city blocks to picturesque natural landscapes. Your wedding in Georgia will remain in beautiful photos, surrounded by the perfect location that will reflect your personality and create the perfect backdrop for your wedding moments.

All these factors make a wedding in Georgia an attractive choice for those who want to make this day truly special.

Whether your preference is a luxurious ceremony or an intimate outdoor wedding, any wedding in Georgia will be magnificent. Georgia offers a variety of options to create a unique atmosphere and memorable moments. The rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery and hospitality of the local people will make your wedding in Georgia truly special.

So don’t miss the opportunity to organize wedding in Georgia, in the beautiful country, where the accessibility of the procedure, clear requirements for documents and a unique atmosphere will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

A wedding in Georgia is a unique event that will leave you with vivid memories for a lifetime. When the documents for a wedding in Georgia are ready, it’s time to think about how to spend this day in a special way.

One of the most important aspects of a wedding in Georgia is the choice of location for the celebration. Georgia has many wonderful hotels and restaurants offering a variety of services for wedding celebrations. From luxurious banquet halls to cozy and authentic venues, wedding in Georgia depends on your style and preferences.

A wedding in Georgia is the best time to get acquainted with the national cuisine. Georgian cuisine is famous for its diversity and delicious dishes. You can order classic Georgian dishes such as khachapuri and khinkali, or try new interpretations of traditional cuisine.

Decide on a cafe or restaurant, order Georgian cuisine and organize an interesting program for guests. Your wedding in Georgia will be a bright and unique event that everyone will remember for a long time.

A wedding in Georgia is not only a wonderful place for a celebration, but also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of this country. Think about what elements of Georgian culture you would like to include in your wedding in Georgia  to make it truly memorable. It is worth adding a traditional flavor to a wedding in Georgia, for example, traditional music or elements of national costumes will emphasize the uniqueness of the event and respect for the country.

Georgia is a small country that contains a beautiful mosaic of architecture, natural pearls and unique culture. An invitation to a wedding in Georgia means immersion in the wonderful world of this country.

The architecture of Georgia amazes with its diversity and beauty. Having a wedding in Georgia you can see ancient churches, monasteries and fortresses that have been preserved since the Middle Ages. These architectural masterpieces are witnesses to the rich history of Georgia.

Nature is also one of Georgia’s biggest attractions, what will be a great addition to a wedding in Georgia. In mountain lakes you can enjoy the purity of the water and the surrounding nature. The grape valleys offer the opportunity to taste exquisite Georgian wines, which are famous throughout the world.

The seaside resorts of Georgia are an integral part of the country and will also not leave you indifferent. The beautiful beaches of the Black Sea attract with their beauty and the opportunity to enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

A wedding in Georgia is not only an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of this amazing country, but also to spend a short honeymoon. Georgia offers all the conditions for spending romantic days, be it in the mountains, on the coast or in the heart of Tbilisi.

Don’t miss the opportunity to organize a wedding in Georgia, and it will leave an unforgettable mark in the hearts of the newlyweds and guests. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Georgia and feel all its beautiful mosaics.

A wedding in Georgia is an unforgettable event that is distinguished not only by its beauty and traditions, but also by the advantages that make it special. One of the main advantages of a wedding in Georgia is fast preparation and a minimum of bureaucracy.

Unlike many other countries where organizing a wedding event can take a lot of time and effort, in Georgia everything can be organized in just a few days. Bureaucratic procedures are simplified to a minimum, which allows a couple to quickly obtain a marriage certificate with an apostille.

Another significant advantage of getting married in Georgia is the recognition of the marriage certificate outside the country. This means that your marriage will be legally recognized and valid not only in Georgia, but also abroad.

Thus, by choosing a wedding in Georgia, you will receive not only a beautiful ceremony with the rich culture and traditions of this country, but also the benefits of quick preparation and recognition of your marriage in other countries. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Georgian hospitality and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

A wedding in Georgia is an unforgettable experience that combines many advantages. Let’s summarize:

Firstly, the speed and accessibility of organizing a wedding in Georgia. No matter how much time you have to prepare, Georgia offers flexible scheduling and prompt completion of all tasks. Here you can organize a wedding even if you only have three days. Find out more about an urgent wedding in Georgia from the specialists of our agency, who have been organizing weddings in Georgia for many years and really love this destination.

Secondly, the beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes of Georgia will be the perfect backdrop for your special day. Choosing a venue for the celebration will become an exciting story in itself.

The hospitality of the Georgian people has already become a legend. Your wedding in Georgia will be surrounded by the care and hospitality of local residents, clerks and everyone who will help run your day to create an atmosphere full of love and joy.

And finally, the possibility of traveling around Georgia after the wedding will undoubtedly add a special charm to your holiday. You will be able to explore ancient cities, enjoy wine tours, taste delicious Georgian cuisine and simply enjoy every moment of your new married journey.

In conclusion, a wedding in Georgia is a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories of your special day. The combination of speed of organization, accessibility, beautiful nature and hospitality makes Georgia an attractive destination for a wedding celebration.

A wedding in Georgia is one of our agency’s favorite services. We are happy to offer you a years-long process of preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly and so that you can fully enjoy this special moment in your life.

We know how important an event awaits every couple who contacts us. We are happy to confirm the newlyweds’ choice and make every effort to make everyone happy. Georgia is a wonderful place for wedding celebrations. Rich culture, stunning scenery and hospitality make this country the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

Our agency has extensive experience in organizing weddings in Georgia. We take care of every detail — from selecting documents to agreeing on a convenient date. Our specialists will provide personal attention and take into account your preferences. Our team of professionals will ensure a flawless wedding, taking into account all your wishes and preferences.

Trust us to organize your wedding in Georgia and we guarantee that you will fully enjoy your special day, knowing that all the details will be worked out and taken into account.


Even 20 years ago, the situation there was not the same, but timely and wisely implemented reforms dramatically changed the existing reality.

So, the young people translated and notarized with our help the most basic set of documents and went on a trip.

Another detail they remembered was the opportunity to organize a wedding in Georgia in almost any city or small village, while in other countries people are forced to formalize their marriage in dusty municipalities.

And, I must say, Georgia is full of incredibly picturesque and romantic places, as if specially designed for future newlyweds contemplating a wedding option in Georgia.

Our couple chose the high-mountainous Svaneti for their wedding in Georgia, with its medieval towers, unique cuisine and views, which are simply impossible to tear ourselves away from.

The only disappointment for Dima and Marina was the speed and ease of the process itself, since they could not really get to know the extraordinary Caucasian country in 3-4 days.

And then at the family council it was decided to spend another couple of weeks in these unforgettable lands. And during this period, the guys were able to see Kazbek and the ancient fortress of Mtskheta, the village of lovers Sighnaghi and the vineyards of Kakheti, Guria and Adjara.

As you can imagine, our newlyweds returned from the Wedding in Georgia full of impressions. But how could it be otherwise if you have just got married in one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

Back in Israel, we helped the guys legalize their new status in our Ministry of Internal Affairs, without any hindrances or delays.

And their personal experience has become a further confirmation that a wedding in Georgia is one of the most successful and smooth ways to family happiness.

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Online marriage in Utah (USA) without leaving Israel at the best prices


Online marriage in Utah (USA) without leaving Israel at the best prices

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Wedding in Georgia — fun and simple

Wedding in Georgia — fun and simple

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