Online marriage in Utah (USA) without leaving Israel

Do you want a civil marriage without leaving Israel? Now it’s possible. Online marriage in Utah is convenient and accessible in Israel. There is no longer any need to waste time and budget on organizing a wedding abroad. Utah online marriage is recognized in Israel on the same level as marriages performed abroad, and this is real progress.

Registering a civil marriage in Utah via video conference will eliminate the need for a couple to travel abroad for a civil marriage. A wedding video conference in Utah will be organized for you in the shortest possible time and will require a minimum of documents. You will provide the necessary data, and our specialists in organizing weddings abroad will prepare the procedure.

We will register your couple in the system, monitor the accuracy of data entry and obtain a marriage license for you. We will schedule a convenient ceremony time and set up a video conference with the Utah Marriage Registrar. After registering your marriage online in Utah, we will arrange for you to receive a marriage certificate with an apostille.

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