A step-by-step procedure for legalizing marriage with a foreigner in Israel

The process of legalizing a foreign spouse in Israel (STUPRO) is a lengthy step-by-step procedure at Misrad Apnim (Ministry of Interior). The name itself speaks of a whole complex of actions and steps and several stages of the process.

Like any legal process, STUPRO begins with the collection of documents. Based on our specialist’s analysis of the couple’s specific situation, you will receive advice on the composition of the package of documents and the specifics of their execution in accordance with the requirements of Misrad Apiim (Ministry of Internal Affairs).

The steps towards legalizing a foreign spouse in Israel will depend on the specific situation of the couple, whether the foreign spouse is in Israel, the presence of children and many other factors and features of the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to specialists for advice and support and be patient.

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