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Weddings abroad are our speciality. For many years we have been helping people who cannot marry in Israel for one reason or another. We have an individual approach to each person, an excellent reputation and experience.

Whichever location you choose for your wedding, the result will be an official marriage certificate with a government apostille. Israel recognizes marriages performed abroad, do not forget to notify our authorities of your new marital status!

Urgent wedding in Georgia from 300 euros! Fast and budget.

Wedding in Cyprus – close location, friendly atmosphere, a wide choice of places for the ceremony.

Wedding in Prague. In a modern registry office or in a medieval castle – it’s up to you!


For a wedding in Ukraine, your partners from the CIS do not need a visa.

Marriage in El Salvador without leaving the parties is the best solution if partners cannot travel abroad.

Is it possible for one of the partners to leave Israel? Paraguayan marriage is the best way out of the situation.

Weddings abroad is one of our areas of activity, let’s talk about others, less romantic, but no less important.

Translation and notarization is another area of ​​our work.

The desire of each person is to quickly and independently solve their problems. But we understand that there is no substitute for professionalism, experience and excellent orientation in the legislation of specialists in their field.

Contact us! You will not waste time and effort, but you will get a guaranteed result!

With us you will succeed.

After all, we undertake only the solution of those cases, in justice and in the success of which we ourselves believe!

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