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Wedding in Ukraine is available for foreign couples

A wedding in Ukraine is a special event that attracts the attention of both local residents and foreign newlyweds. Ukraine is one of the few countries where it is possible to register marriages between foreigners.

In Israel, countries such as Georgia, Cyprus and the Czech Republic (Prague) are well known, where weddings for foreigners are popular. Ukraine also offers opportunities for holding a wedding celebration in accordance with national legislation and compliance with certain requirements.

A wedding in Ukraine is a special event that can become a reality both for mixed couples, where one of the future spouses is a citizen of Ukraine and the other is a foreigner, and for partners from foreign countries. A wedding in Ukraine accompanies the conclusion of a civil marriage; Ukraine defines it as a voluntary and free union, the purpose of which is to create a family.

Wedding in Ukraine is available for foreign couples

Wedding in Ukraine – meet the requirements

To hold a wedding in Ukraine, foreigners must comply with certain legal requirements. A prerequisite is the legal stay of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine on the day of marriage. This could be a tourist or work visa, residence permit, etc. When arriving for their wedding in Ukraine, foreigners should remember the permitted period of stay and make sure that the wedding in Ukraine is scheduled several days before the expiration of this period. Here are the main steps and requirements:

Documents: Foreigners wishing to have a wedding in Ukraine must provide certain documents to register the marriage in accordance with Ukrainian law. This is the passport with which they entered the country, a certificate of marital status, a court decree of divorce or a certificate of divorce from a previous spouse (if applicable) and possibly others.

A wedding in Ukraine is an important event that requires compliance with certain rules and procedures. You need to treat documents for a wedding in Ukraine with the utmost attention. As in all other countries, certificates, certificates and documents of foreign newlyweds must be apostilled in the country of their origin and translated into Ukrainian. The translation is performed on the territory of Ukraine and is certified by a notary. This is necessary for the correct formation of a package of documents. In this case, the wedding in Ukraine will take place without worries and annoying delays.

Wedding in Ukraine - meet the requirements

An apostille is an international certification of the authenticity of a document, which guarantees its legality outside the country of its issue. Translation into Ukrainian is required, since all registration actions, including a wedding in Ukraine, are carried out in the state language of the country.

An important aspect of a wedding in Ukraine is filing an application for marriage registration. Newlyweds personally submit an application to a special marriage registration office (registry office), providing along with a prepared package of documents.

A wedding in Ukraine is an important event that can have different dates depending on the status of the couple. Citizens of Ukraine can get married in one day, thanks to a simplified marriage registration procedure. However, for international and foreign couples, the process will be slightly longer. A wedding in Ukraine for Israelis has some features that differ from the wedding of Ukrainian citizens. When holding a wedding in Ukraine for foreigners, the registrar makes a request to the migration service and checks the legality of the bride and groom’s presence on the territory of Ukraine.

We have already mentioned this point as necessary for holding a wedding in Ukraine and complying with additional legal formalities. It is important to take these differences into account when planning a wedding in Ukraine for foreign couples, so that all procedures go smoothly and without unnecessary complications.

Thus, a wedding in Ukraine for international and foreign couples is carried out according to certain rules, just like in any other country.

Wedding in Ukraine – marriage certificate

Wedding in Ukraine – marriage certificate

A wedding in Ukraine is a special event that ends with receiving a marriage certificate. After the solemn marriage registration ceremony, an entry about it is made in the state register of civil status acts. A marriage certificate is issued on behalf of the state and is a legal confirmation of marriage. The document is of great importance for the spouses, not only as a symbol of their wedding in Ukraine and official unity, but also as an important basis for a common future. The whole process is a significant step towards creating a strong and happy family.

After a wedding in Ukraine, foreign couples will receive a marriage certificate with an apostille. This will be an official document confirming the marriage, certified by an apostille for use abroad. Apostille is a special form of legalization of documents that simplifies their recognition in other countries participating in the 1961 Hague Convention.

For foreign couples who held their wedding in Ukraine, a marriage certificate with an apostille will be required to confirm the registration of the marriage in their home country. Do not forget that affixing an apostille takes time, so you should take care of the time you will stay in the country after your wedding in Ukraine.

Kyiv and Lviv for a wedding in Ukraine

Kyiv and Lviv for a wedding in Ukraine

A wedding in Ukraine for foreigners is most often held in Kyiv or Lviv. These cities are real architectural pearls, historical and cultural centers that create a unique atmosphere for the celebration of love.

1. St. Sophia Cathedral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra: Visit these two historically significant sites that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2. Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square): This is the central square of Kyiv, the site of historical events and many public events. Here you will find beautiful architectural structures, monuments and the opportunity to enjoy the city atmosphere.

3. Podol: Visit one of the oldest districts of Kyiv, where you will find narrow streets, beautiful Baroque and Classicist buildings, and numerous restaurants, cafes and shops. Podil is the tourist heart of Kyiv, and celebrating a wedding here in Ukraine will be very symbolic

4. Andreevsky Descent: This is a historical street known for its art studios, galleries, antique shops and cafes. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of old Kyiv and buy unique gifts and souvenirs in memory of an amazing wedding in Ukraine.

5. Parks and nature reserves: Visit Kyiv parks such as Goloseevsky Park, Khreshchaty Park or Trukhanov Island to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

This is just a small list of what you can see and do in Kyiv in a few days. The city offers many interesting and varied activities, and you will have plenty to choose from during your trip.

Kyiv is also known for its importance as a center of religion. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra is one of the most revered Orthodox monasteries in the world, as well as a popular place of pilgrimage. The city is also rich in museums, galleries and theaters that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. A wedding in Ukraine, in its very heart, will become an unforgettable event, full of inspiration and romance.

Lviv is a beautiful city in Western Ukraine. In Lviv, one can feel the influence of both Western and Eastern Europe, and this unity is reflected in the appearance of the city. Lviv is known for its rich history, cultural heritage and magnificent architecture. The atmosphere of the city sets one in a romantic mood, so weddings in Ukraine, both for natives of the country and for foreigners, often come here.

Lviv is a beautiful city with a rich history and cultural heritage. In a few days, while the wedding in Ukraine lasts and the necessary formalities are completed, you can see and immerse yourself in many interesting places. Here are some recommendations:

1. Old Town: A walk through the old town of Lviv is a must. Explore its narrow streets, beautiful squares and numerous historical buildings. Particularly worth visiting are the Town Hall, the Latin Cathedral Church and the Armenian Cathedral Church.

2. Lviv Fortress: Visit the Lviv Fortress, which is a vast complex of defensive structures with panoramic views of the city.

3. Architectural Monuments: Explore the diverse architecture of Lviv, presented in various styles such as Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Neoclassical. It is especially recommended to visit the House of Legends, the Cathedral of St. Yura, Church of St. The Elizabeths and the House of Lions. A wedding in Ukraine in Lviv against the backdrop of beautiful architectural and historical monuments will be remembered as one of the best events in life. Don’t forget to take a photo session surrounded by cityscapes and save photos of your wedding in Ukraine in the gallery.

4. Lviv cafes and restaurants: A wedding in Ukraine will be full of culinary discoveries. Ukrainian cuisine in Lviv has features of Hungarian, Romanian and other European styles. Try local cuisine and enjoy the atmosphere of Lviv cafes and restaurants. Lviv’s old coffee houses, pastry shops and sweet shops will add a romantic touch to a wedding in Ukraine.

5. Excursions and Tours: Various excursions and tours offer unique ways to experience Lviv. In addition to a wedding in Ukraine, you can join themed excursions such as a Food Tour or a Heritage Tour to delve deeper into the culture and history of the city.

These are just a few ideas on how to spend a few days in Lviv. Depending on your interests and time, you can enjoy many other exciting places and activities in this amazing city.

Choosing these beautiful cities for a wedding in Ukraine not only adds a special charm to the event itself, but also creates the opportunity to get to know a new country, its history and the magnificent culture of Ukraine and its hospitality.

Wedding in Ukraine – traditions remain

A wedding in Ukraine is an important event that reflects the richness of national traditions, hospitality and culture of this country. Here are a few key aspects of traditions that still accompany wedding in Ukraine today:

1. Hospitality: Ukrainians are famous for their hospitality, especially during weddings. Usually a wedding in Ukraine is a holiday  for the bride and groom,  but also for the whole family.

2. Traditional rituals: a wedding in Ukraine is accompanied by many rites and rituals, which were given special significance in Ukrainian wedding traditions. Some of them have survived to this day, and weddings in Ukraine are often accompanied by beautiful rituals.

3. Ukrainian folk costumes: In many regions, at a wedding in Ukraine, newlyweds wear Ukrainian folk costumes. They are bright, colorful and represent the national culture.

4. Traditional treat: A wedding in Ukraine is always a big feast, usually traditional Ukrainian dishes are served, such as borscht, dumplings, cabbage rolls and other treats. The national drink, gorilka (Ukrainian vodka), is also required.

5. Fun dances and songs: A wedding in Ukraine is always accompanied by dances and songs, they play an important role in Ukrainian weddings. Music and dancing create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

In general, a wedding in Ukraine is not only a union of two hearts, but also the embodiment of the rich cultural and traditional heritage of this amazing country.

It is definitely worth saying that even today, in difficult days of trials and troubling events, a wedding in Ukraine is possible. In difficult conditions, the connection of two hearts is especially valuable. Trials only strengthen true love, which truly has no barriers and survives everything!

A wedding in Ukraine for a couple from Israel or partners with different citizenships will become the basis for a change in family status and is recognized in Israel as a legal family union. A civil wedding in Ukraine will serve as the basis for the legalization of your foreign spouse in Israel and his further adaptation in the country. As we all know, civil weddings abroad are recognized in Israel and become the basis for obtaining a new marital status.

Since we are talking about a wedding abroad, it is worth mentioning one more type.

Wedding abroad online – a symbol of the times

Online wedding is an innovative approach to the official wedding ceremony. In the US state of Utah, where this progressive idea originated, couples can exchange vows and enter into legal marriage online. This form of marriage allows you to arrange a wedding without restrictions, for secular and religious couples, as well as for newlyweds with citizenship of different countries and same-sex partners. With the help of an online Zoom wedding in Utah, every couple can create a unique and meaningful moment in their lives, without worrying about distances and boundaries.

An online wedding in Utah has many similarities to a traditional wedding in other countries, such as Ukraine. It also goes through several stages, starting with preparation and ending with obtaining a marriage certificate with an apostille. It is important to take into account the main aspects of organizing an online wedding in Utah and adapt them to the specifics of its format.

Online weddings in Utah are becoming an increasingly popular and convenient way to get married. An important stage of the process is the transfer of personal information of the newlyweds, which is carried out through filling out special forms.

This online process also includes authentication of Utah marriage applicants online. The submission of information simultaneously constitutes an application for a Utah wedding permit. This innovative approach makes the marriage registration process quick, convenient and safe for all participants.

When organizing an online wedding in Utah, the accuracy of the data, especially in the order and transliteration of the names and surnames of the future spouses, plays a key role. All information provided is verified and approved by artificial intelligence on the Utah matrimonial platform. In the process of preparing for an online wedding in Utah, the influence of the human factor is excluded; the entire procedure is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and guarantees accuracy and safety. Thanks to this process, you can be confident in the correctness of the paperwork and the successful completion of marriage registration.

After successfully registering on the wedding platform in Utah, all that remains is to set the date for the ceremony and join the Zoom video conference at the appointed time. The Utah Registrar of Marriages conducts the wedding ceremony online, declaring the newlyweds as legal spouses. This is a convenient and innovative solution for those who want to create a special moment in life without leaving home.

It is important to note that the Utah Marriage Registrar operates strictly in accordance with state law. Conducting an online wedding in a Zoom conference, he is located in the state of Utah (USA), so the marriage actually takes place in the USA. However, the rules allow couples not to be there in person. This creates a unique situation, and the partners spend their wedding in the USA without leaving their country or leaving their home.

So, online wedding in Utah is not only a convenient way to get married, but also legal. After the online ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate confirming your official family union.

It is important to note that an apostille on this document will allow it to be used outside the United States. Thus, your online marriage will be recognized in Israel on the same basis as a wedding in Ukraine, Georgia or Cyprus.

Weddings abroad are our theme!

If you decide to get married abroad, then contact the specialists of our agency. We have been successfully organizing weddings in different countries for many years, including Ukraine, Georgia and Prague. We will register your couple on the Utah platform and conduct the ceremony without leaving Israel. Together we will choose the most suitable wedding jurisdiction for your couple and competently prepare all the necessary documents.

Anyone who wants to be on trend, save time and money, will choose an online wedding in Utah. Adherents of traditions and classics prefer outdoor wedding celebrations. Indeed, it is not so important whether there is a wedding in Ukraine, a celebration on the Cyprus coast or an online ceremony in Utah. Each choice is a reflection of the couple’s individuality and an important step on a long, happy path.

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